MLG Grabs GotFrag


Major League Gaming buys an e-Sports news website.

Professional gaming league Major League Gaming (MLG) purchased, the leading competitive gaming coverage site. Along with the fresh acquisition, MLG has plans relaunch and GameBattles, an online competitive gaming league, with new social networking and news coverage features. GameBattles’s league structure will become increasingly robust, turning it into a farm league for potential MLG talent.

Matthew Bromberg, president and CEO of MLG, commented, “With the addition of to the MLG portfolio, MLG has been able to bring together all of the top brands in competitive gaming in one place. Our scale, following, and authenticity can’t be found anywhere else in the marketplace.”

“Competitive gaming has always grown organically as the community discovers and enjoys new games and new ways to compete,” said Lee Chen, President and CEO of GotFrag. “As gamers, MLG understands and respects the independence of our community and we look forward to working with them to cover, promote and celebrate every aspect of competitive gaming, from grassroots grudge matches to world-class live events.”

In a personal message to GotFrag readers, Lee added, “First and foremost, I want to tell you what this means for GotFrag. For myself and the staff, we gain the support of an organization that understands gaming. While MLG has been primarily focused on console gaming, they truly “get it” and love competitive gaming in all aspects for the same reasons we do: Plain and simple-it’s fun. Their commitment to us at GotFrag is to support us 110% in our pursuit of the best damned eSports content out there, and that’s a commitment we at GotFrag make to you. 2007 and beyond promises to be the most exciting and fastest growing time for eSports. MLG’s support enables us to do more and do it better.”

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