Modern Warfare 2 Rust Map Returns to Advance Warfare in This Easter Egg

Advanced Warfare Compound Logo Large

Exploring the Compound map, included in Advanced Warfare’s Supremacy DLC can reveal a cool secret for Call of Duty veterans.

This third add-on brings with it a group of new futuristic playgrounds to Exo Jump across, but for those outside the action with Spectator mode active, it’s possible to find a full retro map remake outside the boundaries of Compound. Eagle-eyes might recognize the strong sloping features and central facility with tower — the closing moments of MW2 and one of it’s premier maps, Rust returns in a simplified form. Check out the pics and all the details below.

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Rust Returns Easter Egg

Outside the boundaries of the map Compound included in the Supremacy DLC pack to Advanced Warfare, spectators can spot a very rudimentary remake.

With basic shapes and cargo containers, veteran Call of Duty maniacs managed to spot a low-res remake of Rust, the dusty map found all the way back in Modern Warfare 2.

Advanced Warfare Easter Egg Rust Map on Compound

Rust, based on the final confrontation in the singleplayer campaign of MW2, prominently features a tall central facility with ramp features that are clearly recreated outside of Compound.

Just look at the tower in the center and compare it to the Rust map screenshot at the top of this post. The details are different, but the basic shapes are absolutely there. Let’s not even talk about the rest of the map layout viewed from above with the spectator’s menu.

Does this mean we can expect a remake of Rust in the near future? Brush off the sand and wait patiently to see what Activision has to offer next.

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