Molyneux: Don’t Judge Kinect by its Launch Titles


Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux believes that there will be truly great games made for Kinect, but they won’t be the ones available when it’s released later this year.

The surfeit of casual titles in Kinect’s launch line-up has inspired a certain degree of disappointment amongst the Xbox 360’s core audience, but Molyneux says that it’s the games that come after the launch are the ones that gamers should really judge Kinect by.

Molyneux says that adapting to a new input device like Kinect takes time, and that it took Lionhead years to get used to making games for a controller after developing for the PC for such a long time. He firmly believes that Kinect will enable a leap forward in the medium, but says that it’s not been long enough for developers to really be able to understand how to use it.

Molyneux added that it’s not easy being a launch title, and the developers of games like Kinect Sports and Adventures have created “pretty good” experiences in just a few months. But it’s the second wave of titles, he says, that hardcore games should be looking forward too. “I think anybody that gets Kinect and buys those [launch] titles, they’re not gonna be disappointed,” he said. “But they should really, really be excited by what comes next. ‘Cause what I judge Kinect on is what the next step is.”

Molyneux isn’t alone in his belief that motion controls will make some really unique hardcore games possible, BioWare’s Greg Zeschuk recently said that his studio was looking forward to seeing how it could implement motion controls into its games. As Molyneux says, it’s going to take time for developers to really get to grips with Kinect, but when they do, there’s going to be a lot of interesting things they’ll be able to do with it.

Source: Joystiq

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