Monkey Island 2 Remake in the Works?


Is LeChuck’s Revenge going to get the special edition treatment?

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge is considered the glittering in the crown of adventures and many gamers have fond memories of spitting contests, governor’s balls and bone-themed songs.

If you missed the game first time round though, fear not, because according to sources close to LucasArts, a remake of the game is in the works, much like last years’ The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, and will be announced soon, possibly even at GDC next week. According to these sources, the game will be available for iPhone, Xbox Live and PC, as with its predecessor, as well as for PSN as well.

LucasArts may have downplayed the idea that it might remake Monkey Island in June last year, saying that it depended on how well the Special Edition of the first game did; but as the game topped the Steam sales charts the week of its release this rumor doesn’t seem that unlikely. With any luck, it’ll also herald a new wave of classic titles getting re-released on Steam. Grim Fandango anyone?

Source: Kotaku

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