More Arkham City Recordings Emerge, Tease Strange Scheme


Hugo Strange is planning something in Arkham City, and it involves hardened criminals and lunatics.

The Joker might be in Batman: Arkham City, but it appears that he’s anything but the game’s real villain; That dubious honor seems to fall to Hugo Strange, who oversees the prison for the city. Following on from yesterday’s conversations with Riddler and the Penguin, three new recordings show him talking to – and manipulating – some of the prison’s more high-profile inmates.

In one recording, Strange talks to Catwoman, quizzing her about what she’s doing in his office, and threatening to hurt Holly, a close friend of hers.

In the next, he talks to Two Face, taking his coin from him and forcing him to talk about the attack that left the left side of his body so horrible scarred.

In the final, and possibly the most interesting, recording, Strange talks to the Joker, hoping to find out what makes him tick. Strange also reveals that the Joker is dying, and offers to make him more comfortable if the Joker co-operates.

It’s pretty clear from these recordings that Strange is using Arkham City to conduct his own experiments, and his hypnotic hold over the Mayor – revealed in yesterday’s batch of recordings – suggests that the was the point of the prison all along. It’s also a great way for Rocksteady and Warner to generate buzz about the game ahead of its release later this year.

Batman: Arkham City comes out for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on October 18th.

Source: VG247 and The Escapist Forums

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