More Saints Row 2 DLC On the Way

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If you still haven’t had enough of throwing old ladies off of rooftops and riding shotgun alongside real-life porn stars, THQ has announced that Saints Row 2 is getting a second DLC pack dubbed Corporate Warfare.

Corporate Warfare features a new mission arc that centers on the conflict between the heroic Saints crew and the dastardly Ultor Corporation. Sounds a lot like the last DLC pack, Ultor Exposed, which some complained was too short and of little substance, but Volition producer Jim Torbit says Corporate Warfare does things “in a way we think you’ll enjoy.”

The DLC pack contains everything you’d expect in terms of new weapons/vehicles/clothing/hairstyles/etc, but, says Torbit, “there is a hidden theme that lurks beneath the surface of the Corporate Warfare pack that bears mentioning: This DLC is for SR2 fans. We’ve gone overboard with community requests in this package.”

That means you’ll be getting things like bandanas you can wear on your face (apparently an oft-requested item, and a truly vital accessory for any virtual gangbanger), increased difficulty, “surprise ninja attacks,” what Volition is calling “the best co-op mission yet developed” and “a conclusion that defies description.”

“Defies description” would seem to be a good phrase for Saints Row 2, a game that famously features a mission where you spray feces onto people and buildings in the middle of a bustling metropolis. If you haven’t had enough of the silly and insane action in this game, the Corporate Warfare pack will be available on 360 and PS3 on May 28 for 560 Microsoft Points or $7.00.

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