Mountain Dew Cheetos: The Next Big Snacking Sensation

Mountain Dew Cheetos

Mountain Dew-flavored Cheetos are the ultimate in bafflingly bizarre snacking convenience.

You love your Cheetos. You love your Moutain Dew. But you’re a busy person! You’ve got places to go and things to do! Gorf down a dozen handfuls of that tangy, puffy pseudocheese and wash it all down with a two-liter of the fizz? Who’s got time for that?

But I bring good news for all you hurried snackers out there: Mountain Dew Cheetos! They’re Cheetos that taste like Mountain Dew! Instead of cheese – or “cheese” – they’re coated with Moutain Dew-flavored powder. I can’t even imagine what Mountain Dew-flavored powder tastes like but according to one report, this particular breed of Cheeto tastes like “sweet lemon lime chips.” But in Cheeto format! A Dewto! Wait, isn’t a Pokemon or something?

Convenience notwithstanding, I think the obvious question here is, “Why?” The only answer I can offer is, “Oh Japan,” as that’s where these snack food abominations are actually on sale. I don’t know whether that qualifies as good news or bad, but if you’re desperate to try them for yourself there are apparently some Japanese import stores that can hook you up.

But really. Why?

Source: Brand Eating

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