Classic FPS elements like melee kills, killcams, and teabagging just become funnier when they’re satirized with live action footage.

Just how realistic are videogame graphics going to be in the future? Pretty damn realistic, if this satirical movie is to be believed. Titled “Future First Person Shooter”, the video uses real life footage to faithfully recreate every FPS moment that gamers have come to expect.

The video was created by Freddie Wong, a musician and filmmaker based out of Los Angeles. Wong’s achieved a modicum of fame amongst the videogame community, as “Most people know me from my brief stint as a professional Guitar Hero/Rock Band player.”

Wong has a number of similarly well-made (and utterly absurd) videos on his YouTube channel. His movies seem to feature a number of explosions and gunplay, and they’re pretty solid pieces of satire. You can also see the latest updates from his movie team, Facerocker, here.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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