MSNBC Wants More Sex (and Wangs) In Games


From Hot Coffee to Mass Effect, the mainstream media has a tendency to demonize sex in games – But amidst the hubbub over male full frontal nudity in GTA IV‘s DLC, MSNBC’s Winda Benedetti says Nay! Bring on the Sex! Bring on the Penises!

Boobs sell games. As much as we might want to cross our arms and ‘harrumph‘ at how childish the idea is, there are fewer guaranteed ways to get hormone-fueled teenagers (and hormone-fueled adults) to look at a game than putting a buxom, barely-clothed babe on the cover. From Tomb Raider and Dead or Alive to Fear Effect and yes, Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad, it’s simply a fact of the industry.

So why, Benedetti wonders, are people flipping their lids over GTA4‘s dingle-dangle? Why were people freaking out over a sliver of sideboob as two adults had consensual relations in Mass Effect?

My question then is this: Video games have been around for decades now. Decades. So when are they – and when are we – going to finally grow up?

She raises a good point: approximately half the planet sees an Admiral Winky every day. Sexual intercourse is not only a time-honored favorite pastime, it’s necessary for the survival of our species. “[A]dults in the real world have sex. Adults in movies have sex. So why shouldn’t adult characters in video games get it on or, you know, appear in their computer-generated birthday suits?”

If Harry Potter can get on stage and show off his tallywhacker in a play, and Ivy Valentine can walk around about to burst out of her top, then why can’t Kilik decide to show off his Hermann von Longschlongenstein? Why can’t Kratos do the deed on-screen for once?

We’ve been saying this stuff for years, Winda. Glad you’re on board with us – maybe this is indicative of the mainstream press easing up on the issue, and developers will listen? Or will pigs fly before Gordon Freeman changes his mind on what being the “Free Man” really means?

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