It’s okay to start humming the Jaws theme now.

Some readers may have heard about indie asymmetrical multiplayer title Depth when the team posted the first teaser trailer back in August. If you haven’t, there’s no shame in that; I hadn’t heard of it until now either.

Depth is a game with a simple premise: One team plays as scuba divers attempting to steal priceless treasure from sunken ships in shark-infested waters off the coast of Mexico. The other team plays as sharks, who want to eat them. The scuba-divers are armed with underwater knives and spear guns; the sharks are armed with lots and lots of teeth.

The trailer you see here to the right shows some in-game footage. While the sharks’ vision is poor, they can sense motion and smell blood, which means that the humans need to be smart and stealthy, and use all the high-tech tools at their disposal.

Frankly, I can see how this game would be absolutely terrifying to play as a scuba diver. You need to stay in the open gathering treasure piece by piece? What sort of cruel and heartless developer would make you do that?!

(Via RPS)

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