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Rumors and reports have started swirling today that Nintendo is gearing up for a massive year of Mario content in celebration of Super Mario Bros.‘ 35th anniversary. Both VGC and Eurogamer have dropped information from their sources (backed up by a host of others reporting now or corroborating on Twitter) that Nintendo plans to release multiple 3D Mario remasters onto Nintendo Switch, including Super Mario 64Sunshine, and Galaxy. The reports also confirm longstanding rumors that a new Paper Mario game is in the works.

Nintendo has already released most of the NES and SNES Mario games on Switch through Nintendo Switch Online, but the reports both say that the company is releasing a plethora of “remastered” Mario games, so other versions, collections, or physical releases of those games could be coming as well. Super Mario 3D World in particular will allegedly receive a “deluxe” edition with new levels.

The Paper Mario game has been long-rumored, but this is the closest to official confirmation we’re going to get right now. The game is said to return to basics and be a more traditional Paper Mario RPG. That should make fans of the franchise very happy as the series has spent the better part of the last decade veering into odd tangents like Sticker Star and Color Splash, progressively losing much of its complexity and challenge.


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