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My Adventures with Superman Trailer Flies in from Adult Swim

My Adventures with Superman trailer Max Adult Swim

Superman is invulnerable. Well, some versions of him are evidently. Not Henry Cavill’s version, who went away when new Warner Discovery CEO David Zaslav began culling Warner Bros. and DC Studios content left and right and Black Adam flopped at the box office. But another Superman did survive the great tax write-off culling! The Max and Cartoon Network animated series My Adventures with Superman was announced back in 2021, before Zaslav took over, and it has made it through with a first trailer from Adult Swim.

The series focuses on Superman’s early years in Metropolis as he begins being a hero and Clark Kent begins trying to have a normal life. He’s joined by his fellow interns at the Daily Planet, twenty-somethings Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, and the three go on a quest to not only discover who Superman is but also who they are, you know, on the inside. There will also, of course, be a story of budding love between Lois and Clark. The show has a villain-of-the-week vibe to it for sure and appears to hearken back to the classic Superman cartoons in tone, even if the visual style is far more anime. In the trailer it doesn’t look like the series will be pushing too many content boundaries, despite airing on Adult Swim, though My Adventures with Superman is obviously directed at older viewing audiences.

My Adventures with Superman¬†features Star Trek: Lower Decks‘ and The Boys‘ Jack Quaid as Superman as he continues his quest to show up in every major nerdom that exists. Alice Lee is voicing this spunky, young Lois Lane, and Ishmel Sahid brings his voice to the somewhat hapless Jimmy Olsen. They’ve got at least two seasons’ worth of shows to get people to like their versions of the characters as Adult Swim already signed up for that many, but judging from the charm oozing from this trailer, that shouldn’t be too hard. If you’re curious, the series falls under the Elseworld brand, meaning it is in no way connected to James Gunn’s new Superman.

My Adventures with Superman will premiere with two episodes on July 6 at midnight EST, with new episodes coming every Thursday after that. If you miss the Thursday airing because you get to sleep at a decent hour, then you can watch an encore at 7 p.m. on Friday. Or if you just want to stream it at your own leisure, episodes will land on HBO Max each Friday after the premiere of each episode.

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