Myst Dropping Into Movie Theater Age


Filmmakers want you to know that Myst actually has a story worth exploring.

Adventure game series Myst has taken a significant step towards the big screen. Two producers of movies such as Chronicles of Narnia and Donnie Darko are teaming up with the Mysteria Film Group, owners of Myst‘s movie rights, to make the game into a feature film.

I know what you’re thinking: How can Myst‘s gameplay translate into a film? Puzzle-solving aside, Myst actually has a deep storyline, which was exposed even in the very first game back in 1993, and expanded on in four successive titles, an MMO, and plenty of novels. The story just wasn’t told in the exact same linear way as other adventure titles. Players of the original Myst had to piece together what was happening through environmental clues.

Myst producers Hunt Lowry and Mark Johnson are searching for a writer that can tap into what made the franchise’s games and novels so popular. They call Myst an “innovative property” and are focusing on the novels to avoid being “limited only to the famous island of the first game,” while they also hope to bring “engaging characters and an epic narrative” to the final product.

I may be brutally attacked for saying this, but a Myst movie easily has a chance of turning out to be pretty cool. Anyone that played Myst when it first came out knows that the discovery of various plot points, including dead family members and betrayals, was very engaging despite the game basically being a slideshow. If the movie can translate the experience of a mysterious world where not everything is as it seems to viewers, along with the incorporation of travel between books that take people to new worlds (known as “ages”) it should have no problem becoming a must-see.

Source: Deadline

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