Mysterious Video: Is Valve Going Viral?


A new video that’s popped up online has Half-Life 2 fans wondering whether they’re watching a remarkably well-done fan video or a viral teaser for a new, unannounced Valve game.

The video features graphics and sound lifted from Half-Life 2 and a setting that strongly echoes Valve’s bleak Combine-infested world. There’s also the fact that the title of the video, What’s in the Box?, is a strong allusion to Valve’s last Half-Life-based release, the Orange Box.

The site linked in the video,, leads to a single Flash-based page with movie-style credits, a pulsating box and the header, “Soon the world will find out.”

Find out what? Portal 2 is coming? Half-Life 3? Or is this just a commercial for a really durable line of coveralls? Watch here and commence speculation!

via: 1Up

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