NBC’s Constantine Trailer: Electroshock, Exorcism, Astra? Magic!


He may only be a petty dabbler, but he’s looking pretty good so far.

NBC’s jumping in with both feet, and so far its Constantine is looking pretty damn good. There’s not a whole lot you can say about a trailer – apart from woo! trailer! obviously – so rather than go through the whole woo, I’m just going to transcribe my thought process:

‘Ravenscar, eh? Nice one, a call-back to Delano’s run can only be a good thing. Ah, and a Newcastle reference too! Bet it’s not really Newcastle though, at least not the place; but they’re keeping the plot point in about John condemning Astra to hell, a focal point of Delano’s early character development for Con-job. Guess David Goyer wasn’t kidding about clinging to the source material. Better and better. Wonder if that first demon is meant to be a Mnemoth reference? Doubt it, but you never know, and it would fit the Delano theme. Wish I knew where John’s from; that accent’s a bit all over the shop. I know Ryan‘s Welsh, but that’s no Welshman I’ve ever heard before, and a long, long way from Liverpool too. A sidekick? Liv Aberdine … no, not ringing any bells. Could be a Gemma substitute; Gemma was Constantine’s niece in the books, but daughter of oldest friend works too, I guess …’

NBC’s Constantine is due this fall. One to watch? We shall see!

Source: NBC

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