Netflix Coming to iPad, Possibly iPhone


The iPad is now a portable streaming movie theater, with the iPhone following right behind it.

As if anyone needed another reason to be the first one in line to get Apple’s new iPad, Netflix has made an app available for the device, and hinted that iPhone support could be next. The free app (activated by having a Netflix subscription) will allow users to stream Netflix content to their iPads wherever they may be.

I should state that I haven’t been drinking the iPad kool-aid. I think it’s probably going to be a great device, but I never get excited about anything until it’s released. However, the ability to watch Netflix on the iPad could be pretty amazing, though I feel like battery life would be an issue. Still, anything that puts Firefly (now streaming on Netflix) in the palm of my hand can’t be a bad thing.

In addition, Netflix has hinted that its app will also be coming to the iPhone and iPod touch. In a post on the Netflix blog, Steve Swasey, Netflix VP of Corporate Communications wrote: “For those of you asking whether Netflix will be on the iPhone and iPod Touch: We wouldn’t invite you to dinner without planning to serve dessert. In other words, we’re working on it so stay tuned.” Combined with rumors of possible Netflix DS support, it’s looking like portable movies and television shows will be all over the place in the near future.

(Via: Engadget)

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