Netflix Considering Wii Support


A consumer survey that Netflix is currently distributing strongly suggests that the online rental service is considering an on-demand video library for the Wii somewhat similar to what they’re doing on the Xbox 360.

The survey, which was forwarded to Joystiq by a reader being surveyed by Netflix, proposes an on-demand video library for the Wii that features “over 12,000 choices.” Like the Xbox 360 service, there are no mid-video ads, trailers or other nonsense, and the movies would stream instantly on your Wii via the magic of the internet.

If it were to actually happen, though, there’d be a couple catches. Obviously you’d need a regular Netflix subscription and your Wii needs to be online, but you’d also have to pay $9.99 for a “Netflix Instant Streaming Disc” which you would need to have spinning inside your Wii when you’re using Netflix. That could be a bit annoying and add an obtrusive physical media element to an experience that’s supposed to be like, totally, web-based, man. It also implies that, if Nintendo and Netflix are indeed in cahoots, Nintendo won’t be making like Microsoft and having Netflix built straight into the Wii’s firmware.

Of course, this is no kind of confirmation, but it does mean that Netflix is seriously testing the waters for a Wii service.

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