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Worried that you’re going to miss something good the next time you have to “take a break” at the movies? Check out, a new site that lets you know when it’s safe to go.

If you’ve gone to the movies more than twice in your life, this has happened to you: You schlep a jug of Coke roughly the size of a Volkswagen into the theater, suck the whole thing down while you’re waiting for the movie to start and then 20 minutes after the lights go down your internal “pee or die” alarm is flashing bright red and you’ve got some hard decisions to make.

It’s a question that’s been around as long as the movie industry itself: When is it safe to pee? When can I dodge out and do what has to be done without missing a vital plot point, cool action sequence or tastefully-rendered boob flash? And why did I order such a ridiculously huge drink in the first place?

Finally, movie fans have their answer, thanks to, a website dedicated to letting you know when it’s safe to go. The site’s database doesn’t rate movies or offer reviews; it simply provides a timeline with markers indicating the best moments to sneak a leak. Scrambled spoilers are also provided to help viewers recognize the correct “dodge-out” moments and also to fill them in on what they’ve missed.

Movie fans can sign up for the site and contribute to the small but growing database and while the focus is obviously on new movies, there’s also a section for “classics” – and since classics, according to RunPee, includes films like Aliens, The Thing and Escape From New York, I like it even more!

And what if you should forget to look up pee times before you get to the theater? Have no fear! RunPee is also available as a mobile application for the iPhone via the App Store, so you can take your pee times with you! Similar applications are in the works for the Blackberry, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile, Nokia and Android phones as well.

The only thing that annoys me more than trying to pick the right moment to nip out for a whiz in the middle of a film is the realization that the three minutes of expositional crap I just sat through with my legs crossed was probably it. But never again! Thank you, RunPee!

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