New and Improved APB Entering Beta Next Month

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Revamped and reworked MMO will soon start accepting applications for beta testers

The rise and very rapid fall of crime-MMO APB has been pretty well documented, but the ailing game was thrown a lifeline when Free2Play publisher GamersFirst snapped up the rights. Now, after what appears to be a flurry of activity on the new owner’s part, the game may soon take its first faltering steps in its new F2P guise.

Posting on the official APB Reloaded – as the game is now called – Twitter feed, GamersFirst said that as long as everything went to plan, a closed beta would begin in late February. In a later tweet, the company said that it would announce details of how people could apply to be testers later this week. GamersFirst has also implied that former APB subscribers would get invites, although that hasn’t been confirmed.

Reloaded looks like it will be a subtly different game to its previous incarnation, with the possibility of a more involved story and single-player mode, and tweaks to make it easier to run as a F2P game, like putting limits on the complexity of customizations on the part of free players. There will also be balance changes to reflect the difference in premium and free accounts, and the weapons that players will be able to lease.

Source: Game Informer

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