New E3 To Be Extremely Selective


In an interview with Next Generation ESA boss Doug Lowenstein indicated that invitations to the “new” E3 may be more scarce than earlier numbers indicated.

Also confirming that the big three, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, would continue holding major press conferences, Lowestein said that his earlier estimates of 5,000 attendants to the “new” E3 might have been too high.

“Currently I think that figure is high. The point is we don’t want people wandering around that aren’t the people companies want to meet,” stated Lowenstein.

This news comes as indications earlier this week indicated that IDG would be filling E3’s big shoes with an upcoming Game Pro Expo, which would likely host numbers more like what E3 had been traditionally known.

Invitations for E3 are expected to go out within the month.

Source: Next Generation

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