New League of Legends Champion Leaked


Vel’Koz is a giant floating tentacled eyeball who shoots lasers.

League of Legends fans on reddit have discovered a practically complete, as-of-yet unannounced, new champion. His name is Vel’Koz, and he is a giant floating tentacled eyeball from the void, who utilizes eye lasers in his abilities. He will be a “mage” archetype champion, who uses mana and apparently has some high combo potential with his abilities.

Check him out in action below:


Here’s a screenshot of all of his eye-laser inspired abilities:


Although Riot has not officially announced Vel’Koz, the screenshots seem pretty legit. Users have also pointed out that you can actually see Vel’Koz in Viktor’s official splash art.

Vel’Koz seems like he would be a pretty cool champion to play. Riot have been giving us a lot of stock standard “humanoid” champions as of late, so it’s good to see some more monsters entering the league. Vel’Koz is obviously inspired by the “Beholder” demons that have previously been featured in games such as Doom and World of Warcraft.

All I can think is, the people who draw League of Legends “rule 34’s” are going to have a field day with this one…

Source: Reddit

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