New LovePlus Turns Your Girlfriend Into Fantasy Weather Girl


If your girlfriend was a weather girl on TV and you could save the show by dressing her in skanky clothing, would you do it?

Daydreaming about that girl you have a crush on and putting her in fantasy scenarios is pretty common, but not too many videogames include this feature. However, the latest entry into the LovePlus franchise is going to continue including fantasy dream sequences (called “Dream Events” in the game) with its upcoming game New LovePlus.

Illustrator Mino Taro has just revealed three new Dream Events that will appear in New Love Plus, which includes a scenario that requires players to make costume decisions about one potential girlfriend’s on-air attire when she works as a television weather girl.

Here are the newly-revealed dream events:

? Manaka’s Dream Event: “Gal Manaka.” Player head out for a date with Manaka but instead wind up encountering Gal Manaka. Confused what a gal is? “A gal is one of those obnoxious girls you see hanging around in Shibuya (where Manaka seems to be in the screenshot). If you played Dragon Quest IX, your fairy companion Sandy was meant to be like a gal.”

? Rinko’s Dream Event: “Fighting Game Rinko.” This is pretty self-explanatory, based on the title. Players wind up in the middle of a martial arts tournament, and their rival is Rinko, who goes by the fighter name “Shaorin.”

? Nene’s Dream Event: “Weather Girl.” Players become the producer of a new weather program, of which Nene is the star weather girl. However, the ratings are taking a beating during this sequence, and players have to decide if they’ll sacrifice their relationship in order to save the show by having Nene dress in more revealing outfits when she’s on-air.

Presumably, New LovePlus won’t be released outside of Japan, seeing as how none of its predecessors received that treatment. You may recall that, back in 2009, the first LovePlus game made international headlines when a particularly dedicated fan decided to marry Nene (the game character) in real life. Even though he promised not to “cheat” on her if a new LovePlus came out, what do you think the odds are that he’ll reverse his stance when he hears about the “Weather Girl” bit?

Source: Andriasang

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