New Mortal Kombat Might Have DLC Combat/Fatalities


Next year’s Mortal Kombat is going to have some major online components, including the possibility for downloadable characters and combat styles.


We’re still waiting to hear whether or not that crazy short movie will evolve into an actual (awesome) Mortal Kombat film, but more details keep coming out regarding the next game in the franchise. The game was on display at E3, and those who were lucky enough to spend some time with it stated that it seems like a solid rebirth for the franchise. One of the biggest strengths, according to the developers, is the game’s online component.

Lead designer John Edwards spoke briefly with Gaming Union at E3, explaining how the game would make use of DLC. The site asked Edwards about a DLC icon on the character selection screen. Edwards’ answer was simultaneously vague and ambitious.

“We’re planning on having DLC for a lot of things,” Edwards said. “Maybe new characters, new Fatalities, it’s pretty much open for anything. We have support on the back end for backgrounds, new attacks, tweaks to fighting styles, all that.”

Edwards also said that the game’s online combat will be great. “We have a really robust online system,” he stated. “I can’t go into too many details but it’s going to be pretty much the most robust online fighting game system ever imagined.”

I’m not exactly a fan of possibly having to buy new Fatalities, attacks, or fighting styles. If NetherRealm Studios (the re-branded Mortal Kombat, previously of Midway Games) provides such updates for free, though, they could win a lot of approval. As of right now, Warner Bros. Interactive has yet to reveal its plans for incorporating DLC with the new Mortal Kombat title, though such information will likely be made available before the game ships next year.

Source: GamingUnion via Industry Gamers

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