The “My Nintendo” rewards program will fill the void left by Club Nintendo.

Club Nintendo, the old loyalty program for Nintendo products closed its doors back in July of last year. At the time, the Big N told us it was prepping a new program to replace it, but we haven’t really heard anything since. Now, during an investor meeting, Nintendo has detailed exactly how “My Nintendo,” the replacement loyalty program, will work.

First up, My Nintendo will launch in 39 countries (including the US and Canada) this March. Nintendo aims to increase Nintendo accounts to 100 million by doing so. The new loyalty program will let users earn coins in the traditional way: by redeeming games to their accounts, but also by playing games, and using Nintendo smartphone or PC apps.

There will also be two different types of coins: platinum and gold. From the looks of things, platinum coins will be used for the old Club Nintendo-type stuff: physical rewards and other original goods, while the gold coins will be used for deals: savings on purchasing games.

Nintendo also mentioned that Miitomo, its first smartphone app will begin pre-registration on February 17, with the app rolling out across 16 countries (also including the US and Canada) in 8 different languages in March.

Source: Nintendo (Japanese) via IGN

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