New Paddington Trailer Reveals Evil Nicole Kidman


Classic British children’s book comes to life in new trailer

Things have changed for the Paddington movie since its first trailer debuted back in June. Colin Firth, originally slated to voice the title character, has since been replaced by Ben Wishaw. Now, a new trailer arrives to flesh out the new film’s storyline.

The film appears to maintain the same setup as Michael Bond’s original Paddington books of a talking bear from “Darkest Peru” being adopted by a middle-class English family from a train station. However, the new trailer reveals that Paddington and The Browns now have an arch-nemesis to contend with in Nicole Kidman’s “Millicent,” a sinister taxidermist who wants to stuff and mount the (apparently rare) bear for her collection… and whom Kidman claims is so “awful and vicious” as to render the film too frightening for her own young children.

The original A Bear Called Paddington was published in 1958, and went on to become a beloved worldwide bestseller and major literary/multimedia franchise since. The new film will be distributed by The Weinstein Company, and is due for release in the UK on November 28th (with a US release scheduled for mid-January.

Source: The Weinstein Company


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