New Phantasy Star Universe Special Edition “Texter”


Blue Orb, Inc. announced today a new accessory for players of Phantasy Star Universe that allows them to type text messages directly from their controller.

Gamers can use the Phantasy Star Universe-themed version of Texter with the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 2 system for in-game text messaging, with additional messaging options through the Xbox Live Dashboard for 360 players.

This Special Edition Texter comes packaged with posters and stickers featuring characters from Phantasy Star Universe and a “Guardian’s Code” that allows the purchaser to get a free Phantasy Star Universe T-shirt from the Blue Orb website.

Walt Wilson, Chief Operating Officer at Blue Orb, said, “We’ve worked with SEGA to make this Special Edition Texter the next great tool for the Phantasy Star Universe gamer. Every aspect of the design and packaging was driven by people who love the game-and it shows.”

Both models of the Phantasy Star Universe Special Edition Texter will be available in June 2007.

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