New Ski Goggles Include HUD, Bring SSX to Life


A brand new line of high-tech ski goggles will display all kinds of information with a miniature HUD.

Recon Instruments’ upcoming Alpine Goggles will bring high-tech out onto the slopes. The goggles include a miniature display inside the lens that uses many different types of sensors to make you feel like you’re living in the future.

The goggles will be able to show information to the wearer such as his/her speed, altitude, jump height and distance, current temperature, altitude, and they’ll include a stopwatch. A cellphone can also be connected to display texts or other call information.

The coolest part of the Alpine Goggles are their GPS capabilities. Hands-free maps will show you where you are on the mountain, and even where your friends are as well. Never again will you wonder where the cool kids are while you’re stuck on the bunny slopes. More importantly, if you’re unlucky enough to get yourself in trouble, the goggles can help a search and rescue team to find you.

Ski goggles seem like the perfect place to put a HUD, I’m surprised it hasn’t been done already. If Recon’s website is any indication, the company has plans to incorporate the technology into other areas such as moto-cross, biking, jogging, swimming, scuba diving, and military applications. First, it’ll have to get the Alpine Goggles out on shelves; a working model hasn’t been demonstrated yet, but they are available for pre-order with a release set for 2010. They’ll be pricey at around $350 or more, but considering their abilities that doesn’t seem all that bad for a gadget that makes real life into a videogame.

Source: Recon Instruments via PopSci

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