New Trailer for Tron: Legacy Explains Antagonist


The excitement for the Tron sequel continues to build with the third official trailer released from Disney.

The 1982 sci-fi film Tron has Jeff Bridges playing Kevin Flynn, a game designer sucked into the Grid which is a representation of the inner workings of a computer system. When Disney announced that it was working on a sequel, nerds everywhere (including many at The Escapist office) got up and cheered. The first few teasers and trailers for Tron showed off an amazing-looking film that takes place in 2010, nearly 18 years since the original. The latest trailer shows a little bit of insight as to who has been corrupting the Grid all this time: Jeff Bridges.

Or more appropriately, the program that Flynn created to help monitor the Grid, Clu. You see, back in 1982, Clu (also played by Jeff Bridges) was a program written by Flynn to do some investigating on the Grid. When the Master Control Program was defeated and Flynn took over the grid, a new version of Clu was written. Somehow, between 1982 and 2010, that Clu became corrupt and is no longer under Flynn’s control.

“My creation turned against me,” Flynn says in the trailer.

Of course, we will learn all about how that happened in the videogame tie-in Tron: Evolution. I like that Disney Interactive Studios and Propaganda Games worked with the filmmakers to bring a story that won’t be told in the movie, but will still inform the audience about the characters. Hopefully, Evolution will get me just as excited for Tron Legacy as these trailers have.

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