New Virtual Console Titles for 04/16/07


Three new classic games have been added to the Wii Shop Channel to brighten up your Monday!

First on the list is Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream for the NES. You play Mac, a boxer taking on the the big boys of the World Video Boxing Association. Use your best moves to take the title of WVBA Champion for yourself for a mere 500 Wii Points.

Next is Virtua Fighter 2, originally on the Sega Genesis, and the very first 3-D fighting game in the industry. You can fight to be the champion of the second World Fighting Tournament for 800 Wii Points.

Last but not least, Bonk’s Revenge for the Turbo Grafx16, which puts the player back in the role of Bonk the Caveman who’s fighting his way through the Monster Kingdom to defeat King Drool III. You can climb and head butt your way to victory for 600 Wii Points.

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