New Writer Tapped For Shadow of the Colossus Movie


One of the men behind teen assassin flick Hanna is Sega’s choice for its movie adaptation.

Many of you may not recognize the name Seth Lochhead – he who co-wrote teen assassin flick Hanna – but if Sony has its way, you’ll soon know him as the man who wrote the Shadow of the Colossus movie script.

Josh Trank, director of Chronicle, has been picked as director. There’s no release date yet for this one, nor have there been any significant cast announcements.

Shadow of the Colossus, for those who never got the chance to play it, is a 2006 PS2 title, re-released for PS3 in 2011. You play as bereft hero Wander, out to resurrect his beloved Momo. To do it, Wander has to destroy the sixteen colossi of the title. It’s a puzzle game at its heart, but it won critical and popular acclaim for its visuals and soundtrack.

Lochhead is playing it cagy, at least on Twitter, saying he wasn’t in a hurry to confirm his involvement. In any event, director Trank is still pretty heavily involved with the Fantastic Four reboot, so this one is a long ways off yet.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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