News Flash: Half of Gamers Play in the Living Room


Nielsen, the TV ratings company, breaks down which rooms in the house Americans play their console videogames.

My consoles are all in my office, ’cause that’s how I roll. But I recognize that the rest of America is still centered around the large TV in the living room as the focus of their entertainment. Nielsen, the company who used to rule the TV ratings game, is falling by the wayside as DVR and games start messing with how people consume media. In a fight to stay relevant, Nielsen is branching into thinking about videogames and this survey reporting where Americans play their consoles is part of that initiative. The survey reported that 50 percent of America keeps videogame consoles in the living room, with the children’s bedrooms having a console in 19 percent of homes.


The conclusions are not that surprising, but the level of detail is interesting. For example, most kids have an Xbox 360 in their rooms (28 percent) while the Wii is in last place there with only 14 percent. The opposite is true in the living room, with most of those consoles being Wiis (59 percent) and 360s behind PS3s at (42 percent). I assume that these numbers are based on asking if someone owns a PS3, where is it located in the house?

The only thing that these numbers have me wondering is: What about the bathroom gaming? I bet there are more than a few of you guilty of playing Pokemon on the toilette.

Source: Nielsen

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