It's The Passing: Left 4 Dead 2 and Left 4 Dead Collide Thursday

| 20 Apr 2010 16:42

Break out your shotguns and chainsaws, folks: It's zombie-killin' time, as the Left 4 Dead Survivors head down South to meet up with the L4D2 cast in The Passing DLC.

Originally planned to hit sometime in March, The Passing fell prey to Valve's trademark delays and was pushed back until... sometime. Whenever, really.

"Whenever," it turns out, is actually "this Thursday, April 22nd." That's right, The Passing will be hitting Xbox 360s and PCs alike before the end of the week, to bring Rochelle, Coach, Nick and Ellis face-to-face with Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis - well, three of them, anyway.

Not only will it bring a new campaign and all the goodies that come with it - "a new co-operative challenge mode of play, support for infected bot play in Versus, a new "uncommon common" zombie class (the fallen survivor), melee weapon (golf club), and firearm (M-60)" - The Passing will add "Mutations" to the game, which are weekly events that alter the existing game modes.

For example, there will be "Realism Versus" - which applies the Realism rules to a standard match and will ensure that no Survivors ever make it more than halfway to the end - as well as "Chainsaw Massacre," a gametype that gives all of the Survivors chainsaws and infinite gas.

The Passing will cost 560 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360, and be free on the PC.

Well, I know what I'm going to be doing this weekend. Who's with me?

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