Victorian Star Wars Portraits Paint Characters in New Light

| 24 Jun 2010 15:30

Have you ever wondered what Star Wars would have looked like if it had been set in Victorian England? Neither have we, though some new artwork makes the "what if" setting look amazing.


Characters from the Star Wars Universe are often re-imagined by artists, sometimes for the better (such as steampunk-themed action figures and scrap metal character creations) and sometimes for the worse (like a painful mash-up with Toy Story characters). Some new art revealed by a San Francisco-based artist definitely fits into the former category, showing what some of the most popular characters would look like if they'd been products of Victorian England. Spoiler alert: The art is awesome.

The artwork was created by Greg Peltz, an artist and CGI modeler who worked on last year's Up for Pixar. The artwork was originally inspired because Peltz saw a monocled version of Chewbacca on the website of Robert MacKenzie, a concept artist for Blue Sky Studios.

"A victorian-style portrait of a wookie with a monacle?" Peltz wrote on his blog when he first posted his version of a well-dressed Chewie. "I mean, come on...that's just made of win. I liked Robert's painting so much that I had to make my own rip-off to frame and put on my wall."

Apparently Peltz liked the results so much that he's started to regularly put out new portraits on his blog, though how many he has planned and what other characters he wants to illustrate haven't been revealed. If Han Solo makes an appearance, hopefully he'll be a dirigible pilot.

Peltz's art is charming, depicting Darth Vader (right), C-3PO, Chewbacca, and Boba Fett (all pictured below). Seeing work like this makes me wish that Dark Horse would launch a "What If?" line of Star Wars comics so we could see more concepts like these realized.


Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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