Next TF2 Update is More Than a Fancy Hat Party

| 12 Aug 2010 10:30

The next update for Team Fortress 2 is going to include some major new content, including item trading and a new game mode.

Valve sure seems to love creating updates for Team Fortress 2. Now that extra content has been released for each of the game's nine character classes, the developer has revealed that the next upgrade for the shooter is going to be pretty massive. The list of new content includes "around twenty new weapons and hats," item trading, and a completely new game mode.

Speaking to TF2 creator Robin Walker, PC Gamer got some exclusive details about the incoming update. As detailed last month, the new weapons and hats are from the Polycount Contest. Meanwhile, players will have the option to swap items - like the Pyro's Beanie for the Safe'n'Sound - with their friends.

The items from the Polycount Contest are different from normal community-designed items in the game, as such content tends to be largely cosmetic. However, Walker explained why these hats and weapons will be different from other community content.

"It's a reflection of the amount of time we had to spend on them and us being very safe," he explained. "I think the Crit-a-Cola was designed the day before it went out, to be honest, which is terrifying. But sometimes we can think of something that you can make a pretty educated guess on, yeah, this is going to work out. We definitely have lowballed [those items] in the past, in that we've chosen something that's more underpowered than overpowered, because we can just make it a little better later. The Polycount items have had a lot more time on them as a whole, so, we're doing more interesting stuff there than in general we have with the other items."

Of course, the biggest piece of the update is the new game mode. Unfortunately, Walker wouldn't say anything other than to confirm its existence. "We'll probably start talking about that stuff once we've figured out how to talk about it," he said.

According to Valve, the update is due out in roughly a month. PC Gamer's interview with Walker, as well as a lot more information about Valve's upcoming plans, will be published in the September 1st issue of the magazine.

Source: PC Gamer (thanks to Sir Kemper for the tip)

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