Sony: Momentum Swinging in Our Favor

| 19 Aug 2010 10:28

SCEE Boss Andrew House says that despite its rather slow start, the PS3 has not only made up lost ground, but could even take the lead.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President Andrew House believes that Sony won't be bringing up the rear in the console race for much longer. He believes that the PS3 has reached a tipping point, and thought that it could become the "de facto purchase" for anyone looking to buy a console.

He admitted that the early days for the console had been rocky, but said that he felt the momentum was shifting in the PS3's favor. He said that despite a "slow burn" at the start, Sony was very pleased with the number of PS3s sold, and that sales were "right on track," based on internal predictions. He also said that as well as the encouraging hardware sales, PS3 software sales were up by nearly 40%.

In June, both of EA's COOs, John Schappert and analyst Michael Pachter, predicted that 2010 would be a good year for the PS3, and while that certainly seems to be the case, whether the PS3 becomes the go-to system for people breaking into gaming remains to be seen. The release of Move next month should further widen the appeal of the console, but it will have to compete with the Wii and Kinect to take the top spot, and Nintendo has a pretty impressive lead.

Source: Eurogamer

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