Microsoft: Unannounced Title Aimed at Core PC Gamers

| 30 Aug 2010 08:26

Microsoft Game Studios boss Dave Luehmann says that the studio is working on a PC game worth upgrading for.

If you've spent a small fortune building an amazing gaming PC, it makes sense that you'd want to play games that took advantage of all that power. These might be in short supply right now, but Luehmann says that that is only temporary, and Microsoft Game Studios is working on games that will let PC gamers flex their hardware muscles.

Luehmann says that Microsoft wants to support the full range of PC gamers, including hardware enthusiasts who enjoy upgrading their machines. He said that Microsoft was working on a number of core titles, with one in particular designed with a very hardcore demographic in mind. Comparing Microsoft's approach to a funnel - starting broad and eventually becoming more and more specialized - he said that the company wanted to have options available no matter how deep into the funnel a person was. He added that there were more announcements to come, and that there was plenty in the development queue that people didn't know about yet.

In June, Microsoft reaffirmed its commitment to PC gaming, admitting that its previous efforts had been less than robust, and said that Fable 3's release on the PC was a great first step to reinvigorating the platform. The news that Microsoft Game Studios is working on something seriously hardcore seems like another step in the right direction, but it could also be just a token gesture. Unfortunately, until we get a chance to see what this game is, and take a look at the rest of the games in development, we won't know which one it is.

Source: VG247

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