Microsoft Promises More Shooters Will Follow Halo Reach

| 13 Sep 2010 15:19

Halo Reach has wrapped and Bungie has hit the road, but Microsoft promises that 360 owners will still have plenty of exclusive shooters to choose from, one of which may have been accidentally revealed in the lead-up to the Tokyo Game Show.

The trouble with having exclusive rights to one of the world's most popular videogame franchises is that if and when the day comes that it's no longer your baby, you're left with an awfully big hole to fill. Such is the case with Microsoft: Halo is still safely in the barn but Bungie, the studio behind it, has hoofed it out the door, leaving behind significant doubts that the series will ever match its past glory.

Not to worry, Microsoft U.K. boss Neil Thompson told CVG. Bungie or not, the company has every intention of staying at the forefront of the FPS genre. "We'll be looking to have lots of FPS games, ideally exclusive to us [in the future]," he said. "I'm not going to make any announcements about any FPS games we have in the pipeline right now - because that will lose me my job - but yes, first-person shooters are a great genre of product that have served us very well and will continue to serve us well in the future. We will be bringing great products out... that's the one thing I can commit to."

Not everyone at Microsoft appears to share Thompson's reticence, however. Included in the company's line-up for this week's Tokyo Game Show is a "3D shooting game" called Gal Gun, apparently being developed by a studio known as Alchemist. Nothing else about the game was revealed and the listing was quickly pulled, but if we take the title at face value, it will feature both guns and gals - a daring, ground-breaking combination if ever I've seen one.

Source: CVG

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