New GoldenEye Unlikely to Hit Other Platforms

| 14 Sep 2010 07:41

The remake of the beloved James Bond shooter is designed specifically with the Wii in mind, says Activision.

If you want to work your secret agent magic in the update of classic N64 shooter GoldenEye, it's probably best to invest in a Wii, if you haven't already. Julian Widdows, Activision's executive producer for the game, said that ports to other systems weren't impossible, but that wasn't the focus at the moment.

Widdows said that Activision and developer Eurocom had invested a lot of time and energy making a great shooter for the Wii, and that he hoped that anyone who wanted to play it would play it the way it was intended. "We've spent so much time and effort, personal time and effort," he said. "You know, kids have been born! There's a list of GoldenEye babies somewhere! This is the console we've made it for."

Widdows commented that you could "never say never" when it came to Xbox 360 or PS3 versions, but seemed to suggest that they weren't currently being planned. This would seem to pour at least a little cold water on comments made by the original GoldenEye designer Martin Hollis, who said that Activision was just out to make a quick buck by cashing in on the GoldenEye name. If that was the case, restricting the game to the Wii - a console not known for its enormous hardcore fan base - wouldn't really be the best way of going about it.

GoldenEye comes out for the Wii in November.

Source: Videogamer

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