Super Scribblenauts Chooses Eggs Over Billboards

| 11 Oct 2010 22:47

An advertising promotion for Super Scribblenauts you might find in your local supermarket is unique, to say the least.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has cracked open a brand new promotion for Super Scribblenauts that will see the game advertised on supermarket shelves. The company's plan will be laid in the dairy aisle, with Warner and Stonegate Eggs joining forces to brand certain egg cartons with advertisements for the 5th Cell developed game.

Stonegate's Intelligent Eating eggs will be the shell for the Super Scribblenauts promotion, a line of eggs advertised as naturally enriched with Omega-3's to build brain power. Critical thinking skills are necessary to pluck solutions out of the air for Super Scribblenauts' puzzles, so Warner and Stonegate see this as a natural promotion.

Those that pick up Intelligent Eating eggs while the promotion is still incubating will earn a chance to win a Nintendo DSi and a copy of Super Scribblenauts, the sequel to last year's regular Scribblenauts. Super Scribblenauts earns its spot in the series' pecking order by including new levels, better controls, the major addition of adjectives, and more.

But don't scramble out to markets just yet, because if you want to poach one of these Super Scribblenauts egg cartons you'll have to live in the UK, the only region that Stonegate distributes to. Super Scribblenauts is due to hatch in North America on October 12, and in Europe on October 29.

Source: MCV

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