Nexon Gives Vindictus a Launch Date

| 14 Oct 2010 09:53

Where is your Goddess? Find out in two weeks!

Few things pique my interest and perk up my ears like the mention of an upcoming free-to-play MMO. Finding the time to invest in a new long-term, sprawling game with thousands of others is always tricky, but it makes it a lot easier for me to justify my investment when I know that it won't be hurting my wallet month after month (micro-transactions notwithstanding). As a result, I've been pretty excited to see more about Vindictus, Nexon's soon-to-be-released title.

How soon is soon? According to G4TV, just a scant two weeks away. With a new (and gorgeous) trailer up, G4TV confirmed that the new title will officially launch on October 27, 2010. That is far sooner than I anticipated, and I, for one, am overjoyed to get my hands on this dark and brutal-looking MMO before November.

This free-to-play hack-and-slash style game is set up as a prequel to the popular Mabinogi, but is set several hundred years before the time of that game. In this world torn asunder by war, destruction, and despair, the people ceaselessly fight the humanoid beasts that roam freely and desperately wait, as they have for countless generations, for the fulfillment of The Legend, which claims that their black-winged Goddess will deliver them from this world and into the paradise of Erinn, a land without pain or death.

Does that sound up your alley? In two weeks, you can find out for yourself.

Source: G4TV via Massively

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