Celebrate Halloween With Free Sam & Max Game

| 31 Oct 2010 15:00

Telltale Games is offering a free Sam & Max episode to celebrate Halloween, and you don't even have to ring the developer's doorbell.

What good is a holiday without a free game? No good, that's what I say. Telltale Games agrees, and has proven it by offering up a free episode of its Sam & Max PC adventure series for Halloween.

Halloween is actually today, just in case you forgot and were wondering why there are vampires and superheroes roaming the streets. To celebrate, Telltale Games is allowing anyone with a Telltale account to download Sam & Max: Night of the Raving Dead, also known as episode 203 from the series' second season. It's kind of right in the middle of things if you've never played a Sam & Max game before, but each episode does basically stand alone, and it's free, so don't complain.

Night of the Raving Dead features Sam and Max as they go up against an "emo" vampire responsible for a zombie outbreak. Upon arriving at the vampire's castle, Sam and Max can't resist the urge to get in on the vampire's ongoing rave. Once they're finished dancing, the duo return to the fabulous detective work they've become known for.

The episode will only be free through this weekend, and there really are no strings attached. It's the perfect way to spend your Halloween if you're too old to trick-or-treat, or if you just like adventure games. Night of the Raving Dead can be downloaded here.

Source: Telltale Blog

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