R.U.S.E. Getting Free DLC From Ubisoft

| 17 Nov 2010 21:00

If you own R.U.S.E., then Ubisoft is giving you an early Holiday treat: free DLC for the game.

Ubisoft seems to be using R.U.S.E. as a bit of an experiment. Aside from using the title as a test system for replacing the publisher's much-reviled DRM software in place of Steamworks, Ubisoft has now revealed that it's got a fairly hefty DLC pack, dubbed "The Manhattan Project Pack", coming out for free.

The pack is set to feature three new multiplayer maps and two new multiplayer game modes: "Nuclear War" and "Total War". In Nuclear War, all prototype factories and upgrades are available at the match's start, meaning that the action starts insane and only gets crazier. Total War, meanwhile, "sees you starting in 1939 with all units specific to that era. You'll then unlock 1942 units and 1945 units step by step."

No definite release date has been revealed yet, but Ubisoft is promising that The Manhattan Project Pack will be available at some point in December. The free content isn't terribly surprising, seeing as how the game hasn't sold terribly well, despite earning some high praise from critics. Whether or not this manages to get some more people to buy the game remains to be seen, but it probably can't hurt Ubisoft's chances of getting more people to play R.U.S.E..

Source: Eurogamer

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