Minecraft Dude Totally Breaks Super Meat Boy

| 2 Dec 2010 16:50

Yea, in the day ye dig and mine thereof, then your blocks shall be placed in mid-air, and ye shall be as gods.

One of the coolest bits about the PC version of Super Meat Boy is that all of the cameo crossover characters - like the guy from Minecraft ("Steve"), the VVVVVV dude ("Viridian"), or even a headcrab - retain some of their abilities from their original games.

The end result is that a game which was originally designed to be incredibly - and hilariously - punishing becomes almost laughably easy.

You see, Steve has the ability to not just dig through walls as he pleases, but to also place blocks in midair. Both of these abilities completely neuter any sense of difficulty in the game, creating incredibly quick shortcuts to rescue the helpless Bandage Girl.

The game isn't meant to be played like this, and it's fun seeing a developer just throw its hands up and accept that sometimes balance is for chumps. It's also fun seeing just how overpowered the simple ability to dig can be in games that aren't designed for it.

(via Joystiq)

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