Kinect-Based Helicopter Heralds a Terrifying Robotic Dawn

| 6 Dec 2010 15:30

Is this Kinect-driven quadrocopter merely a cool hack, or are we teaching our consoles how to fly around and kill us all?

Whether or not you like Kinect as a game device, there's no question that it's some pretty cool hardware, and hackers have taken full advantage of that.

This latest Kinect hack, though - using the device to create a sort of 3D radar attached to a quad-bladed helicopter - is vaguely frightening. Maybe it's the incessant hum, like a swarm of hungry insects. Maybe it's the unnatural bob and weave in midair.

Maybe it's just because it reminds me of a Manhack from Half-Life 2. I think that's probably it.


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