Game Industry Vets to Sound Off at the East Coast Game Conference

| 22 Mar 2011 13:36

The East Coast Game Conference announced its speaker lineup today and it features designers from Epic Games and Insomniac.

Formerly known as the Triangle Game Conference, the East Coast Game Conference will be held in Raleigh, NC on April 13th and 14th. The announced theme is "Engage and Connect" and seminars, panels and lectures will fall under one of seven distinct tracks that encompass current issues in the videogame industry: Business of Games, Advanced Learning, Programming, Visual Arts, Game Design, Social and Mobile, and Game Fundamentals. The ECGC features discussion among notable game designers and luminaries from the Triangle area in North Carolina and the rest of the East Coast. The programming will discuss technique and concepts for current designers, as well as offer insight on how to break into the industry.

Here's the full description of each of the tracks and some of the highlighted speakers.

Business of Games - "Gamification" is the hot topic as social networks, immersive media and innovative marketing converges with games. Engage with this track to discuss industry trends, emerging business models, international business opportunities, the impact of the economic recession and other topics relevant to executives and studio owners small and large.

Highlighted speakers include: Robert Hubal, Senior Researcher at RTI International; Chris Sullivan, Vice President for Bunchball; Cord Silverstein, Executive Vice President of Interactive Communications for Capstrat

Advanced Learning - This track will offer sessions on serious games, virtual worlds, social networks and other immersive technology that are used to inspire, educate and train the "next-gen" workforce, as well as game technologies and applications used for simulation and training in government, military and health care.

Highlighted speakers include: Richard Boyd, Chief Architect for Lockheed Martin Virtual World Labs; Christopher Clark, Vice President of User Experience for Audax Health Solution; Randy Brown, Chief Technology Officer for Virtual Heroes

Programming - Developers will share algorithms, engines, technology, techniques and best practices that today's game companies must cultivate to create immersive, engaging entertainment product.

Highlighted speakers include: Anthony Marinello, Developer at Electronic Arts; Michael Noland, Senior Engine Programmer at Epic Games, Inc.; Jim Van Verth, Engine Programmer at Insomniac Games, Inc.

Visual Arts - The masters of the pixel will step out from behind the curtain and share some of the techniques that brought top titles to gorgeous life.

Highlighted speakers include: Jeremy Ernst, Character Rigger at Epic Games, Inc.; Eric Plante, Character Animation Product Manager for Autodesk; Dominic Cianciolo, Cinematic Director for NetherRealm Studios

Game Design - How do we keep the players coming back for more? Speakers in this track will discuss new game mechanics, turn over genre conventions and consider new ways to push the boundaries of gameplay.

Highlighted speakers include: Dave Ellis, author and Lead Game Designer for Vicious Cycle Software. Inc.; Brad Merritt, Lead Game Designer for Cartoon Network's Games Studio; Dr. Mark Riedl, Assistant Professor in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech

Social and Mobile - The ubiquity of mobile phones and the connectedness of social networks are bringing everyone together... to play games! Speakers in this track will outline the revolution happening in social networks, handhelds, independent development and how to best take advantage of these trends.

Highlighted speakers include: Lloyd Melnick, General Manager International Operations for Playdom; Lars Bishop, Mobile/Embedded Software Engineer at NVIDIA; Lilli Thompson, Game Developer Advocate for Google

Game Fundamentals - Whether you're trying to break into the industry or you're an up and coming superstar, this track will cover the fundamental rules of engagement for those interested in getting into game development.

Highlighted speakers include: Tony Gaddis, Author and Educator at Haywood Community College; Ken Turner, Adjunct Professor at Wake Technical Community College; Terry Johnson, Co-Founder of Yuubik Games

To find out more about the East Coast Game Conference, head over to The full schedule is online now so you can begin planning your attendance. I'm interested in a whole bunch of panels including: "They're Not All AAA Titles: The Other Side of Game Development" by Dave Ellis from Vicious Cycle Software and "What Developers Can Learn From Competitive Gaming" by Jason Rice from Ninja Logic.

Good stuff.

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