Capcom's Not Porting Latest Ace Attorney To The USA

| 11 Apr 2011 19:30

Sorry, folks: Ace Attorney Investigations 2 isn't going to come to North America any time in the foreseeable future.

Capcom's Ace Attorney games are pretty beloved by those gamers who play them over here in the States. However, the latest title in the series, Ace Attorney Investigations 2 isn't actually going to be appearing over here in the West ... at least, not anytime soon.

At the recent "Ask Capcom" video Q&A session, Capcom's Christian Svensson was asked "is Ace Attorney coming to the U.S.?"

Svensson responded with, "I assume that means Ace Attorney Investigations 2. The answer is 'no.' Sorry about that."

At the time, there wasn't much of an explanation as to why this was, but the rationale behind the decision has been explained a bit more over in the Capcom forums:

The costs of localization are higher than the forecasted return. And no, it wouldn't sell more than Okamiden (which has already sold more than the first Investigations).

Could this content show up on some other platform somewhere down the line? Possibly, but there's nothing on that front for me to talk about. I realize there are fans who would like to have this and I'll be sure to explore ways that could happen viably in the future with our strategy and R&D teams but no promises.

It's kind of a shame that there aren't any plans to bring the latest Ace Attorney game over here to North America. At the same time, this comment about how the game might come to "some other platform" sounds mildly promising, especially since I have the first Phoenix Wright game on my iPhone and keep on hoping for more.

Source: Siliconera

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