Watch Why Wonder Woman Was Cancelled

| 23 Jun 2011 16:52

A short clip gives us an idea of why the recent Wonder Woman television show was cancelled.

*Update*: Warner Bros. has had the clip taken down. We'll try to find another.

In early 2011, Wonder Woman was all set to make a return to television on NBC. A pilot episode was filmed starring Adrianne Palicki, but NBC ended up dropping the show. Today, a short clip may clue us in on why it wasn't picked up.

Warner Bros. and NBC executives previously stated that Wonder Woman wasn't a fit with NBC's schedule, but I have a feeling the show didn't really work that well either. Granted, this is a 30 second clip from what was likely a 40-45 minute episode, but if the rest of the episode was like this it probably wouldn't have been something that grabbed viewers for an entire season.

The clip takes place in some sort of warehouse inhabited by a group of thugs that look like they just got finished drinking a protein shake or twelve. Wonder Woman busts in and then knocks over a fellow named "Chris" who is tasked to "block the gate" all by himself. Poor Chris.

Again, this is only a short clip, but to these eyes it looks like a fairly derivative work. Swap out Wonder Woman for any other character and you'd have a scene from a million of the other television shows out there: Hero unexpectedly breaks through all defenses, overpowers thugs, and saves the day. The end. Plus, is it just me, or does that outfit look horribly out of place on a crime-fighter in real life?

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