Final Fantasy XI Might Come To PlayStation Vita

| 13 Jul 2011 15:05

Just because it's an older game doesn't mean it might not come to to Sony's newest platform.

Final Fantasy XI may be aging, but it's still better-liked and has a more devoted player base than Final Fantasy XIV. As a result, it's not too surprising to hear that Square Enix is apparently considering a new platform for the former title: the PlayStation Vita.

At the moment, it's being reported that Square Enix is still in the consideration stage for this project. This would apparently be a pretty basic port of the game; but it makes a large amount of sense that Square Enix would consider this system since it'll have both Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities.

This isn't definite though, as Hiromichi Tanak (Final Fantasy XI's former lead designer and producer of Final Fantasy XIV) merely told Famitsu that this was a possibility. On top of that, while the Vita port might happen, bringing the game to the PS3 isn't looking too likely because of "the difficulties of working with the PlayStation 3."

Source: Siliconera via Massively

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