Nintendo Breaks Out the Giant Snakes for New Skyward Sword Trailer

| 21 Jul 2011 07:02

Move over Ganon, Zelda has other things to worry about in the latest Legend of Zelda adventure.

I f you've played more than one Legend of Zelda game, you'll know that having the name Zelda is like having a sign on your back saying "Evil Wizards, Please Kidnap Me." But in this new trailer for Skyward Sword, Zelda probably has slightly more pressing issues than villainous magicians, what with the enormous flying snake monsters trying to eat her and everything.

Skyward Sword is an early tale in the Zelda canon, perhaps even the earliest, as it comes before Ocarina of Time in the timeline. While the core concept of "Zelda gets in trouble, Link rescues her" is intact, Nintendo has mixed up the details of the story. Zelda isn't a princess, for example, and neither she, nor Link, is actually from Hyrule. Instead, they are childhood friends from the flying land of Skyloft, and they are unaware that there's anything under the clouds.

With its vibrant visuals, Skyward Sword has a very different feel to the last Zelda game on the Wii, Twilight Princess. It still looks suitably epic however, and it's really refreshing to see Nintendo doing something different with the traditional Legend of Zelda story.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword comes out for the Wii later this year.

Source: via CVG

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