Tim Langdell Faces Contempt of Court Proceedings

| 26 Jul 2011 17:43

Future Publishing has been given permission to launch contempt of court proceedings against Edge man Tim Langdell.

It just keeps getting worse for Tim Langdell. Following the humiliating beatdown he suffered at the hands of a U.K. judge in June, Future Publishing, the instigator of said beatdown, has now been given the go-ahead to file a contempt of court action against him. "As has been widely reported, Future was successful before the English High Court in all of its claims against Edge Interactive Media, Edge Games and Dr. Timothy Langdell," the company said in a statement.

"The judgment of Mrs Justice Proudman [which is publicly available here:] speaks for itself," the statement continues. "In addition to finding in Future's favor on every point, the Court also found that Dr. Langdell had 'concocted' evidence to support his case. Future has therefore been given permission to bring proceedings against Dr. Langdell for contempt of court."

The statement also notes that Langdell's counterclaim against Future has been dismissed and that at this point it has not received any notification of follow-up actions filed by Langdell or Edge Games in either the U.S. or the U.K.

Following his courtroom demolition, Langdell claimed that his enthusiastically litigious behavior had been forced upon him by the terms of his contract with Future Publishing and now that he is no longer bound by those chains, he can act in a manner more befitting someone so dedicated to the indie development scene. First on that list is "extending an olive branch" to Mobigame, the maker of the popular Edge iPhone game was one of Langdell's most high-profile targets and whose willingness to fight back rather than cave in heralded the beginning of the end for Edge Games. The front page of the Edge Games website even provides a link to Edge on the App Store, along with the note that "Mobigame's games rock." But Mobigame boss David Papazian isn't buying it.

"We have no connection to Edge games (and we don't want one). We believe this is a cynical attempt by Tim Langdell to generate sympathy for his court case. He will try to use the argument 'Future made me do it' for his appeal against the Future lawsuit," Papazian told Eurogamer. "We are certain that he will lose again, and he will probably be put in jail."

Yesterday, jail would have seemed a little far-fetched. Today? I'm not so sure.

Source: Eurogamer

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